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Here’s what some of our Saint Peters, MO customers are saying about us:

Great shop & very honest.

Sal Buffa Frecks & Sons' Automotive Customer Review

5 Stars!

Jamie Davis Google Review

I have used Frecks and Sons' for over 2 5 years; excellent reliable service at a fair price.

Paul Zack Frecks & Sons' Automotive Customer Review

5 Stars!

Bec Jane Google Review

My mom Celia always went to them to fix her car. I was skeptical because I always had the dealership fix my car. But when I found out the dealership didn't fix the problem in the first place and didn't care to fix whatever else was wrong. It felt like the trust was lost, Frecks & Sons' Automotive will work with you. The owner is such an understanding guy and he showed me what was wrong and showed the damaged parts. He truly cares. So if I have a major issue now I go to them.

Rudy Guadarrama Frecks & Sons' Automotive Customer Review

Trustworthy shop.

Maria del Carmen Brown Google Review

5 Stars!

Lovolt Redbeard Google Review

Fast service. Great work.

Patti Baker Google Review

4 Stars!

Justin Smith Google Review

5 Stars!

Eric Stone Google Review

A repair shop you can trust.

Jim Taylor Google Review

Honest repair at reasonable prices. I've been using Frecks for around 20 years.

Jeff Roach Google Review

Fair & Honest Mechanic. Highly Recommend.

Thomas Strang Google Review

Great service, my family has taken our cars here for years and I won't go anywhere else. The young lady at the front desk is a total sweety!

Venture Momma Google Review

Very great work and trustworthy.

Tim Krueger Google Review

5 Stars!

Terri Steinbach Google Review

5 Stars!

ann henne Google Review

Quick and friendly service. They don't try to squeeze any money out of you by telling you things you need to fix on your car when in reality its fine. They are very professional

Thomas Casali Google Review

I have used frecks for years and Im always happy with the service. I will continue bringing my cars here.

dylan hussey Google Review

This shop is the BEST. I was in town visiting family , when my power steering went out. I dropped the vehicle off Sunday evening with a note explaining my situation. At 9:30 am on Monday, as I was going to pick up rental. This sweet lady called from the shop, stating it was DONE. Wow, I was in shock. It was a miracle for me. I was able to cancel rental and out of town before noon. I have never had such a wonderful experience with an auto shop. They were kind, honest, price beyond reasonable. I would never take my vehicles anywhere else, if I had this shop in my town.

Colleen Frecks & Sons' Automotive Customer Review

5 Stars!

Joshua Simpson Google Review

5 Stars!

Tim Wyman Google Review

4 Stars!

Andrew Edmonston Google Review

5 Stars!

Kelsey White Google Review

Honest and fair. The most!

Mike Bruno Google Review

THE MOST HONEST PLACE AROUND! I will NEVER go anywhere else!
Friendly and cheerful is how I would describe the young lady at the front desk. It's a breathe of fresh air to know that I can trust these people, not only when my husband and I go in , but when my young daughter takes her car in. Freck's & Sons is the place to take your vehicle!

Tammy Keenan Google Review

5 Stars!

Meggan R. Google Review

I've been coming to Austin Frecks for 15 years. Always the best service and best advise. None better!

David Reed Google Review

I dropped my truck off on a Monday night for a Tuesday appointment and didn't figure I'd get it back for a couple of days. I even rented a car thinking I'd be without wheels for a few days. They had it back to me in less than 24 hours. The work was performed above my satisfaction. They have a customer for life! Adios Pundmann!

Rob Georgen Google Review

Have gone here a few times to get my car repaired for multiple different things from brakes, and oil, to my distributor, egr, and radiator they are always so friendly and great service!!

Kayla McAllister Google Review

Is Honest!! Frecks saved me from having a needless repair done. Took my vehicle in for an inspection to Pappas Toyota and was told I needed to have a major part on it replaced (would cost around $500). Took it to Frecks, who was going to fix it (cheaper), but they told me that there was no problem whatsoever with the part. If only dealerships were as honest as Frecks.

Chris Schultheis Google Review

Austin has always dealt fairly and honestly with me when I've brought in my vans for service. He's the first mechanic I've worked with that I don't feel the need to second guess his recommendations.

A Google User Google Review

First off this might be my first review other than just assigning stars (which I don't do often either).

I took my car into a generic place where I usually get my oil changed and have lifetime alignment and rotation. I noticed my break light coming on and some squealing of my breaks so I asked them to check it out. They told me it was an issue that I would have to take to a dealership as they were not allowed to work on it. I took it to the dealership where after charging me $65 just to look at it that I would be about $2700 to fix as I needed two parts (one costing $1600). I called around after knowing the problem and landed on Frecks as my parents had used them in the past and were extremely happy with their services.

I dropped my car off with a description of what the dealership said was wrong and left on a week long vacation over the holidays. When I came back instead of the $2239 I was quoted which was nearly $500 less than the dealer my total bill was just $450!!!!

They could have easily charged me for the unnecessary part that the dealership said was broken but instead fixed only what needed to be fixed. These people are the best in the business and I will only be taking my car here from now on.

Thank you again Frecks & Sons.

Brad S. Yelp Review

Honest, straight-forward, helpful, detailed in their explanations, professional, easy to deal with... these guys are the real deal.

I've taken cars to Frecks for inspections, broken sway bars, broken tire sensors, squeaks in belts and more. These individuals make me feel very comfortable with the entire process and as someone who doesn't know much about cars, its appreciated.

Another establishment put new tires on my vehicle and when I picked it up proceeded to tell me that two of my tire pressure sensors were broken when they took the old tires off. Funny, because the light never came on before I took my car there but it was on when I left. I couldn't get anywhere with them. A month later I broke the sway bar on my Altima and decided to take it to Frecks. I also asked them to fix the tire sensors. Oh guess what! They weren't broken after all, just needed to be reset. Frecks didn't charge me for figuring that out because they're honest and knowledgeable. Unlike their counterparts down the street.

Every experience with them as been good. Definitely recommended.

Melissa C. Yelp Review

I must wholeheartedly agree with Melissa, Fresk's is a great shop. They are clear in their explanation of the issue with your vehicle, which is not the norm for most service station. Where I am accustomed to be treated like a female lacking any understanding of a vehicle aside from where to put stick the key to make the car go vroom so the technician usually talks down. Its fin to play along and have them fumbling trying to dumb down, even further the explanation that I needed a new starter. I was wearing a pony tail, so it bouncing added to dumbness assumption. But the 4 times I have had the wonderful opportunity to utilize the exceptional service of Freck's they are polite, courteous and explain the problem to me as a person. I of course did not understand a few things the tech was saying and he just worded his explanation differently but he did not dumb down our conversation.

Several years ago, I locked myself out of my vehicle, locking myself out of my vehicles is actually rather common as I have a vehicle that does not have dummy alarms in place. Left key in ignition, left lights on and such. A guy from Frecks came over and got into my car and did not charge me. That can be an $80 fee. 2 days later the fan belt went out, I had it towed to Freck's. I do wish I lived closer as Freck's would be my go to repair shop. As it is I go when I am staying in the Harvester area.

I highly and fervently recommend Freck's!!

Melissa C. Yelp Review

Great service.. Great customer service.. Nice guys.. Won't be taking my car anywhere else!

Jason S. Yelp Review

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